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  • Who Qualifies for RTC Practice?
    Here are the things you need to practice with us. 1 Have a active USA Wrestling memberhsip 2 Completed SF RTC Liabilty Waiver / Release Form 3. Meet atleast one of the following criteria established by USA Wrestling, and meet additional criteria if you are a PSA: All wrestlers participating in the RTC practice must meet one of the stated criteria below and must be current athlete members of USA Wrestling. All RTC athletes must be in good standing with the both the RTC and the RTC host site. 1. Won at least one match at a Senior USAW World or Olympic Team Trials 2. Placed top 8 at USAW Senior Open Championships 3. Placed top 8 at USAW U23 National Championship 4. Placed top 8 at UWW Junior National Championship 5. Placed top 8 at USAW Junior National Championship 6. Placed top 4 at USAW Junior Regional 7. Placed top 8 at USAW 16U National Championship 8. Placed top 8 at UWW Cadet National Championship 9. Placed top 6 at USAW State Junior Freestyle/Greco-Roman Championships 10. Placed top 6 at USAW State 16U Freestyle/Greco-Roman Championships 11. Placed top 4 at USAW Senior Regional 12. Placed top 4 at New York Athletic Club International 13. Placed top 4 at Dave Schultz Memorial International 14. Competed in a Continental Championships/Games, World Championships/Games at any age level a. 5 year criteria does NOT apply 15. Any veteran athlete who has represented the U.S. within the last two years at the Veteran’s World Championships or is scheduled to compete at the next world championship event International athletes/coaches who currently represent a country other than the U.S. may attend on a limited basis based on approval of the NGB and RTC. These individuals must be of similar competitive caliber. These individuals may attend on an intermittent basis in order to enhance national team development. For prospective student athletes (PSA): 1. A PSA must live within 250 miles of an RTC to participate in practice. If there is no RTC within the boundaries listed above, the PSA may join the closest RTC to his residence by applying for an exemption through USA Wrestling. a. The 250 mile radius is determined by using the home address of the athlete to the zip code of the regional training center. b. Once a PSA has signed a National Letter of Intent, the 250 miles radius rule is no longer applicable and that PSA may attend the RTC of their choice. 2. A PSA may belong to more than one RTC. 3. A PSA may not practice at an RTC during that PSA’s traditional high school wrestling season. Dates are determined by the PSA’s State Activities Association. 4. If a PSA in not participating in their traditional high school season, they may attend RTC practice during the traditional folkstyle season. 5. A PSA that is graduated from high school and is taking a year off before matriculating to college, may practice during the traditional folkstyle season with a RTC. 6. Only the PSA or USA Wrestling can pay for a prospect to attend RTC practice. 7. An RTC may NOT pay travel expenses or fees associated with competition for the PSA. Who is a PSA Link: RTC Criteria USA Wrestling Link
  • Fall Semester 2023 Practice Schedule Forthcoming
    Please check back for our return to practice this Fall in San Francisco.
  • FAQ
    Why practice at the SF RTC? One of the goals of the SF RTC is to be a community center for SF Bay Area's wrestling community. We aim to do that by providing access to high level coaching, positive role modeling, and mentorhsip for our athletes. By joining the SF RTC, you join a community of wrestlers with big dreams and goals, and a group of coaches who have been there and know what it takes to achieve those dreams. Cost? The SF RTC is free, other than the cost of the yearly USA Wrestling Membership. Who coaches at the SF RTC? Please see the People Page on our website to learn more about our athletes and coaches. Many are college All-Americans, world-class athletes & coaches, and pillars of our wrestling community. Who Qualfiies for a RTC Practice? USA Wrestling has designated specific guidelines for who qualifies for a Regional Training Center practice. Please see the Schedule Page on our website for specific criteria and rules. Can parents watch practice? Parents of minors are welcome to watch practice. However, it should be noted that a parent is observing practice, not coaching it. If I donate, where does my money go? The San Francisco RTC annual operating budget is used to provide our athletes the opportunity to become World and Olympic Champions. The opportunity to achieve their championship dreams. The Operating Budget is 100% funded by donations from our supporters. The organization focuses on our athletes, giving them the environment to be their absolute best. Our operating budget is spent on our Athletes (stipends & housing), Coaches, and training & competition expenses. Our goal is to be one of the best training centers in the United States for World and Olympic Wrestling.
  • Forms
    Please fill out the liability form and also bring your USA Wrestling Card DOWNLOAD FORM HERE
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