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To make a donation, you can give online via the link above, or you can mail a check in. 

Checks should be payable to "San Francisco Wrestling Club," and mailed out to San Francisco Wrestling Club, C/O Jason Welch, 119 Sutro Heights, San Francisco CA 94121. 

The San Francisco RTC is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with the mission of promoting our local wrestlers in pursuing their Olympic and World goals. Another goal of the SF RTC is to be a community center for SF Bay Area's wrestling community. We aim to do that by providing access to high level coaching, positive role modeling, and mentorship for our athletes. We are officially recognized as a training center for these purposes by USA Wrestling, the national governing body for the sport and subsidiary of the United States Olympic Committee. By joining the SF RTC, you join a community of wrestlers with big dreams and goals, and a group of coaches who have been there and know what it takes to achieve those dreams.


With your help in donating to the San Francisco RTC, we can continue to support our wrestlers in their endeavors across the globe. Everything that we do at San Francisco RTC is done to help promote and support our athletes as they accomplish their dreams. 

The San Francisco RTC annual operating budget is used to provide our athletes the opportunity to become World and Olympic Champions, and is 100% funded by donations from our supporters. The organization focuses on our athletes, giving them the environment to be their absolute best. Our operating budget is spent on our Athletes (stipends & housing), Coaches, and training & competition expenses. 

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